Books From Florence Juma

Florence’s writing talent spans the generations, touching both adults, through her inspirational titles and children through a series of stories from her childhood days back home in Kenya.

Inspirational Titles

Death Did Us Part

Death did us Part is a short story about the tumultuous marital relationship of a couple at the brink of divorce.  The book, based on a true story, is a reflection on some of the pitfalls that plagued the marriage of Akawd and Muka and brought it to its deathbed.  Akawd and Muka were both committed Christians and leaders in their church when they immigrated to Canada from Africa.

By sharing this story, I provide an opportunity for readers to both understand better and observe possible parallels that might exist between their own relationship and this couple’s.  My hope is that these patterns may then be named and externalized. The book also serves to celebrate marriages and the couples who keep their vows.>

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I’m Forgiven: A Celebration of God’s Love

“The book highlights some of the steps that may lead a Christian away from God, and opens up a discussion on biblical solutions, as the only way back into fellowship with God.”

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Away From Home

“Away from Home is an eye-opening window into the world of one family and their travels from Kenya to South Africa, then on to Canada… Florence Juma recounts incidents and feelings with unedited candour and humor, leaving the local reader better educated as to the makeup of our community.” Dave Sturgeon, host of Sturgeon in the Morning on CKWR Kitchener, Ontario

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Beneath the Cracks

Cracks exist in all kinds of institutions, including families, school systems, clubs and social networks, medical institutions, government and political institutions and, I dare add, spiritual and religious institutions. “Beneath the Cracks” is a highlight of situations in life that presented perfect recipes for failure. Instead, the experience beneath the cracks provided a “time-out” that made room for deep reflections and translated deep thoughts into written words.

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Zebra PleaseThe Growth of the Assemblies of God Church in Kenya

I joined the church in 1975 at the age of twelve, when I embraced the Christian faith and committed myself to the Church. It happened when some youth from the first Kenya Assemblies of God Church in Nairobi—the Nairobi Christian Centre—came to my primary school to share the message of salvation. I was ready and eager to accept and act on the message of the Gospel presented by these youth. With that response, I began my Christian journey. A journey instigated by the desire to know my Lord and Saviour more and grow in His Word. That desire was partly placed in the path to fulfillment when I responded to God’s calling in my life to full time Christian service and found myself meditating on Scriptures as often as I could. As I meditated on God’s Word, I also developed an interest in “His-story”. The following monograph is based on the research in Church dogma and history.

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Children’s Titles

Resuscitating Kenya

Resuscitating Kenya is a narrative of the events following the disputed general election of December 2007 in Kenya from a child’s perspective.  Using the analogy and terminology of a health care system, the author explains the events that degenerated into chaos and violence claiming the lives of many and displacing others from their homes.  This work was a response to the depressing images and information that populated both local and international media during the two months of emotional distress in Kenya.

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Zebra Please!

Zebra Please! is the first book in the series “Tales from my Father” by Florence Juma. The series is a collection of fiction and non-fiction African oral fables of the early 20th century gathered among the great lake region communities in Western Kenya. The communities are intended to depict traditional life for a generation of the children of contemporary immigrants from the continent of Africa.