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Florence JumaFor Florence Juma, it has been a life of surprises at every turn.

“I developed the habit of journaling in my spare time at an early age. It serves as an aspect of self-care, reflecting on my experiences and capturing some of those experiences in my journals. Some of these journals have evolved into books” says this author of four books, including the well-received “Away from Home” and the newly released “Death did Us Part”.

Resuscitating Kenya: United Nations to the Rescue
Is a children’s book narrating the events following the disputed general elections of December 2007 in Kenya.

Death Did Us Part: Deconstructing the mystery behind the death of a marriage
Death did us Part, is a short story about the tumultuous marital relationship of a couple at the brink of divorce. The book is a reflection on some of the pitfalls that plagued the marriage of this couple and brought it to its deathbed. This couple, Akawd and Muka were committed Christians and leaders in their church.

The book is a non-fiction genre based on a true story of an immigrant couple from Africa living and serving God in Ontario. By sharing this story, I provide an opportunity for readers to both; understand better and observe possible parallel patterns that may be present in their own relationships. The book also serves to celebrate marriages and the couples who keep their vows.