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Florence Juma
For Florence Juma, it has been a life of surprises at every turn.

“I’ve learned that falling through a crack and remaining down in the burrow does not have to define the outcome of anyone’s experience – every significant growth and achievement in my life has been preceded by a “falling-through-the-crack” experience …” says this author of four books, including the well-received Away From Home: The Joys and Challenges of Migration and the newly released Beneath The Cracks: All Things Work together for Good.

Resuscitating Kenya: United Nations to the Rescue
A children’s book narrating the events following the disputed general elections of December 2007 in Kenya.

Beneath the Cracks: All Things Work for Good
Cracks exist in all kinds of institutions, including families, school systems, clubs and social networks, medical institutions, government and political institutions and, I dare add, spiritual and religious institutions. “Beneath the Cracks” is a highlight of situations in life that presented perfect recipes for failure. Instead, the experience beneath the cracks provided a “time-out” that made room for deep reflections and translated deep thoughts into written words. To purchase this book please contact Florence at flojuma@outlook.com.